Salama Stoves rocket stove design and chimney reduce toxic emissions and ensure that any smoke is drawn out of the house, guaranteeing a healthier family environment.

Salama Stoves are more efficient than traditional cooking methods and drastically reduce fuel consumption, saving money and freeing up time.

An insulated combustion chamber keeps the sides from getting too hot, minimizing the risk of burns in children and cooks.

The Salama stove is locally manufactured in Nairobi by local stove experts. All the materials and parts are sourced from Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

Built by Kenyans in Kenya.


Smoke is vented out through the chimney, reducing toxic emissions in the household.

How this happens

As the fuel burns within the combustion chamber, convection draws in new air from below ensuring that any smoke from the stove and smoldering wood near the fire is also drawn up the chimney and out of the house.

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Salama stoves are delivered and custom fitted into homes by our specialist team.

Our team do all the final fixing of the stove on site, including fixing and sealing around the chimney.

We also give training on how to use the stove and leave some brand new cooking pots.

We leave the household, safer, healthier and more energy efficient.


Rocket Design

The L-shaped combustion chamber promotes better air flow, resulting in more efficient combustion of fuel inside the stove and reducing harmful emissions.


The combustion chamber is insulated using pumice and ceramic to ensure that the external surfaces remain safely below 70 °C and this insulation also improves the efficiency of the stove.

Heat Recovery

The cooking pot is lowered into the stove and is surrounded by super-heated gasses which ensure equal heat transfer onto all sides and quicker cooking times.

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The Salama stove is developed to use small-diameter fuel such as twigs and small branches.

The stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperatures because:

  • there is a good air draft into the fire
  • controlled use of fuel
  • near complete combustion of volatiles
  • efficient use of the resulting heat

Tailored to save energy

Rocket stoves also incorporate design elements to improve heat transfer efficiency and to direct the flow of hot gases to the pot using insulation and narrow channels.


As the superheated gasses pass through the stove and up the chimney, most of the remaining heat is recovered from the escaping gases to heat the water in the water tank. This hot water can then be used for bathing, washing etc.

Making full use of the energy created by the stove, to benefit the household.

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Salama Stove



The stove body is made from galvanized and stainless steel and comes with a 5 year warrantee


The stove is raised off the ground for improved safety around children. Plus the low surface temperature of the stove resulting from great insulation, significantly reduces the likelihood of burns.

Dr. Stice and Dr. Kithinji of Salama Stove, worked alongside Riumbaini Energy Saving Stoves, the local Kenyan manufacturer of the Salama Stove, to develop a stove which would provide an efficient and safer alternative cooking solution, over the three stone fire which many rural Kenyan households still use.

The Salama Stove has been tested and proved to be effective by the University of Nairobi.

The materials and labor are all sourced locally and more than 50 Kenyan's are involved in the process from manufacture to delivery and installation of the Salama stoves.